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Nissan Engine Air Filters

Your Nissan vehicle was engineered with an engine air filter. The engine air filter is responsible for cleaning the air before it can enter the combustion chamber. The engine air filter is responsible for removing Airborne contaminants, dust, and other pollutants before they can enter the engine. The only problem with engine air filters is that they eventually become too dirty and clogged to do their job properly. When this happens, airborne debris has free rein to enter your engine and cause performance problems and even damage.

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Don’t know if your engine air filter needs replaced? Get an inspection

Engine air filters are made to last but various conditions like driving in dirty air can quickly clog your filter in just a few months. Other drivers often find that their Engine Air Filter lasts much longer. Due to the unpredictable nature of how long your Nissan Engine Air Filter will last, it is always best to have it inspected regularly to prevent debris from entering your engine. If you don't know the condition of your Nissan engine air filter, bring your vehicle to Nissan of Tustin to have one of our expert certified technicians inspect your engine air filter.

Signs of a Faulty Engine Air Filter:

  • Rough idling
  • Misfire condition
  • Decreased gas mileage
  • The warning light is on

If you are experiencing any of the signs of having a faulty engine air filter, it is pretty important to have that fixed now. One of the best ways to protect your engine is with a regular Nissan engine air filter replacement service.

Is your Nissan vehicle due for regular maintenance? Our expert Service Advisors can help! Call us at (714) 617-2515, schedule an appointment, or stop by our service drive open 7 days a week.

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Schedule a Nissan Engine Air Filter Replacement Service

If you have any of the signs related to a faulty engine air filter, it is time to schedule service before your engine has major problems. Schedule an appointment today at Nissan of Tustin to have one of our expert certified Nissan technicians inspect your Nissan Engine Air Filter and replace it with a genuine Nissan approved Engine Air Filter as needed. At Nissan of Tustin, we only install genuine Nissan approved Engine Air Filters because that is the only way to get the fit and performance that you deserve.


Nissan of Tustin takes the hassle out of vehicle maintenance. If you are a busy person that needs your Nissan vehicle serviced, you are the customer that we designed the Express Service Department for. Stop by the Nissan of Tustin today to receive service with a quickness at our Express Service Department. All express services are completed by a Nissan certified technician that will complete your work quickly, conveniently, and at the highest quality, you expect. Every Nissan Express Service includes a free multi-point inspection to identify any areas of concern before they become major problems.

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