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Fuel System Maintenance in Tustin, CA

There's more to a fuel system than filling your car up with gas once per week, or every few days as the case may be. A car, in spite of every other maintenance need, ultimately relies on gasoline, or diesel in some cases, to run. There is a system that runs fuel from the tank to the engine, allowing the spark plugs to fire and cause internal combustion, the force of which provides the energy to allow you to drive down the road.


What Is Included in the Fuel System

The fuel system may start with the gas tank, but includes parts you don't see during every day driving. There's a fuel pump that forces fuel through the lines, and a filter before reaching the fuel injector system on modern cars. These perform the task a carburetor used to manage by using gasoline to siphon oxygen into the engine and provide energy through burning. There is at least one if not two filters and levers that allow the amount of gasoline introduced to change according to the immediate need of the driver. When each system isn't working well, the overall performance of the vehicle will suffer.

Keeping the Fuel System Clean

Fuel systems get clogged with contaminants over time and require a fuel system cleaning. The system is open each time you stop at a gas station to refill, which allows condensation to form inside the lines. Debris can also contaminate the system, whether from an outside source or improperly applied gaskets and sealants intended to maintain the integrity of the system. Because it is an open system that allows such debris in it, the filters can become clogged and stop the proper flow of fuel, or a pump can fail because of the gears being caught up with junk which has infiltrated the system. The solution is to flush the lines as a regular maintenance program, and do so with an authorized technician such as provided by Nissan of Tustin in California, serving the Irvine and Santa Ana areas.


Fuel System Services at Nissan of Tustin

Call us anytime to schedule an appointment for the fuel system or any other service needs your car might have. We offer complimentary snacks, drinks, and coffee while you wait, along with free Wi-Fi and a children's playground area. We also have loaner cars available for overnight projects and will discuss your needs toward making your life as comfortable as possible while your car is being worked on.

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