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We know at Nissan of Tustin that a good brake job will restore your vehicle’s braking performance to factory specifications. That’s why Nissan of Tustin offers Nissan Advantage Brake Job Service. The Nissan Advantage Brake Job Service includes brake lining replacement, brake pads and/or shoe replacement, rotors and/or drums resurfacing, brake fluid flush and replacement, system bleeding as needed, and ends with an inspection of all brake system parts to identify any worn components. Nissan of Tustin will have a certified technician get all of this done, and we will get it done right.

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Signs that you need Brake Job Service:

  • The brake light is on
  • You hear grinding, squealing, or squeaking
  • Vibration or shimmy when braking
  • Brake fluid is leaking
  • Brake pedal must be pressed farther to the floor
  • Vehicle pulls to one side while braking

Nissan Value

We always give our customers the option of selecting how you want your brake job service completed. Nissan of Tustin recommends the Nissan Value Advantage Brake Job because it is thorough, comprehensive, and utilizes Nissan Value Advantage parts when servicing your vehicle. The Value Advantage is that we will use genuine Nissan approved parts that have been tested to ensure good braking system performance. The best way to know that your vehicle will retain its stopping power is to schedule Nissan Advantage Brake Job Service with a certified technician that will install genuine Nissan approved parts.

Is your Nissan vehicle due for regular maintenance? Our expert Service Advisors can help! Call us at (714) 617-2515, schedule an appointment, or stop by our service drive open 7 days a week.

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If you have any of the signs that you need Brake Job Service, it’s time to get your Nissan’s brakes serviced at Nissan of Tustin. Schedule an appointment today at Nissan of Tustin to have one of our certified technicians provide you with a Nissan Advantage Brake Job Service.


Nissan of Tustin takes the hassle out of vehicle maintenance. If you are a busy person that needs your Nissan vehicle serviced, you are the customer that we designed the Express Service Department for. Stop by the Nissan of Tustin today to receive service with a quickness at our Express Service Department. All express services are completed by a Nissan certified technician that will complete your work quickly, conveniently, and at the highest quality, you expect. Every Nissan Express Service includes a free multi-point inspection to identify any areas of concern before they become major problems.

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