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What is a Battery Charging System?

The first component of your Battery Charging System is the Battery. The Battery’s job is to send electricity to the starter to turn over the engine. The battery stores voltage and is recharged by the Battery Charging System when its voltage dips too low. The Battery Charging System includes the alternator, fuses, sensors, relay, voltage regulator, and wiring. An automotive battery will cycle through hundreds of discharges to the starter and recharges from the Battery Charging System. Most batteries will last two to three years but some factors can cause a battery to wear out faster. The biggest threats to battery life are intense heat and wide temperature fluctuation. This means living in a region with intense summer heat will cause a battery to wear out quickly as evidenced by the battery’s progressive inability to hold a charge. As a battery dies, it places increased stress on the Battery Charging System that must work harder trying to recharge a battery that might be almost dead. Intense heat, temperature change, and working harder than usual can cause a Battery Charging System to develop problems.

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Signs of a Battery Charging System Problem

If you have any problems with your Battery Charging System, it probably won’t be a secret for long. If you have any of the signs of a Battery Charging System problem, you’ll want to fix the problem before your engine won’t start, leaving you stranded. Schedule a Nissan Battery Charging System Service if you have one or more of these signs:

  • Battery Charging System warning light is on
  • Difficulty starting the engine
  • The engine won’t start
  • Dead battery
  • Engine stalls
  • Electrical issues like dim or flickering lights
Nissan Battery Charging System Service | Tustin near Irvine and Santa Ana, California

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Genuine Nissan Service & Convenient Location

Nissan of Tustin, we take pride in offering Tustin, Irvine, and Santa Ana the region’s best Genuine Nissan Service. Our Express Service Center is conveniently located in Tustin near Irvine and Santa Ana, California. If you have any of the signs of a Battery Charging System problem, gain peace of mind with service at Nissan of Tustin because we know your vehicle better than anyone else. Rest assured knowing that any problem that you bring to us will get fixed quickly and conveniently by an expert factory-trained technician that knows your world-class vehicle inside and out.

Nissan of Tustin Service Center Amenities

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