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Nissan Coolant Fluid Exchange Service in Tustin, CA

Coolant, or antifreeze, helps your car function optimally day in and day out. The name is misleading, and leads people to think it is only relevant in the colder months. However, coolant is the fluid that also keeps your radiator from overheating and causing mechanical breakdown and other expensive repairs. Every make and model is different, which is why it is imperative to bring your car in to see our professionals at Nissan of Tustin, to make sure your vehicle is receiving proper maintenance.


Signs you need your coolant fluid exchanged:

  • While driving, you notice your temperature light turn on - this means your engine is too hot and can be due to low coolant or a coolant leak. When this happens, always bring it in for a professional to look at it and diagnose anything else it may have affected
  • Temperature gauge is higher or lower than it normally is. The gauge should always be in the middle, letting you know everything is working the way it should. If it starts to dip lower than the halfway mark or go above it, this is cause for concern
  • Heater not working - your heater uses the same coolant that your engine does. If there is a leak or blockage, the heater performance will be affected

Our certified staff at Nissan of Tustin is happy to be the go-to service center for drivers in Tustin, Irvine and Santa Ana, CA.

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Nissan Coolant Service

Our factory-trained technicians are the best people for any job your Nissan may need. With so many fluids available, it is important to use the best for your vehicle. Our team uses only genuine Nissan fluids that are best suited for your vehicle model. As far as when to change the fluid, each make and model has their own preference and set of guidelines. For some, it is once every 30,000 miles, others more and some do not even have listed in their owner’s manual.


Nissan of Tustin is the preferred service center for Nissan drivers for a reason. Our highly trained service team and factory-trained technicians get you in and out fast, while providing safety checks to make sure every drive is safe. We are happy to serve customers in Tustin, Irvine and Santa Ana, CA.

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