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When you go to buy a new vehicle, it should be a time of celebration and thankfulness. You don't need stress or red tape, and that's what far too many dealerships seem to dish out in terms of service and sales. Not us. At our Orange CA Nissan dealership, we proudly represent the Nissan brand by offering multiple solutions to our customers. We believe in courtesy, friendliness, transparency, and above all, fair pricing. That's just the way we do business around here. Right now we're celebrating the arrival of a brand new batch of high tech Nissan vehicles. The inventory changes often, so check back frequently to see what we've got in stock. Buying a Nissan from us makes everything a cause for celebration, something you can really look forward to.

Nissan dealership near Orange CA - 2020 Nissan Rogue

Nissan Specials & Quotes

Unless you save money, we don't keep a customer for next time, so that's a good way to know you have an ally in us as your dealership. The start of any financing will be to request a quote via our website. We make it easy! Just make your way to your favorite model and trim, click on request quote, and you're on your way to a low starting price that will get even lower once we've given you a host of specials to choose from.

Nissan dealership near Orange CA - 2020 Nissan Sentra

Finance and Auto Loans

When you finance your vehicle through us, you simplify the process of buying a vehicle. Dealerships work with multiple lenders throughout your area, giving you a large number of options all in one place. And since our dealership's main goal is to save you money on your next new vehicle purchase, you can rest assured that we're the right place to finance. Auto loans are a major part of buying a nicer vehicle. Sometimes you just can't get the down payment to the highest trim you have your eye on, but your credit rating allows you to take out an auto loan and opt for that trim. That's part of the entire purpose of auto loans: to get you in a vehicle you want most of all, not just one that you have to settle for. When you choose to finance with our dealership, or use us to take out your auto loan, what you're doing is getting a nicer Nissan model that you'll never regret. It's worth it.

Nissan dealership near Orange CA - 2020 Nissan Altima

Nissan Auto Repair and Service

The certified auto mechanics that work in our service department are another key ingredient to our success as a dealership in this community. Quality auto service can be hard to come by today, but it's never hard to come by in our dealership. The team we employ has decades of combined experience in working with all brands, but the Nissan brand specifically. We require our crew to be certified by all proper governing authorities and we also require a higher standard of continuing education in the Nissan brand specifically. These requirements translate in a team that's better prepared to service and repair your vehicle in any situation. We offer computer diagnostics, oil changes, fluid checks, tire rotations, and all your basic services, but we also work on the most difficult systems of your vehicle, such as engine and transmission. If you need it done, our team can do it, and they'll make sure that you get fair and accurate estimates and pricing. Anyone can get your business once, but we want to be the business that earns your trust consistently for the next 20-30 years or more. We want you to come back. That means performing work that is above and beyond what you expect.

Nissan dealership near Orange CA - 2020 Nissan Versa
Request Nissan Services

Your Nissan vehicle is going to be with you for many years. During that time, you're going to need a dealership that keeps their end of the bargain even after the sale is complete. After you buy from us, you can take advantage of our many apps and updated information about your vehicle. We're experts in the Nissan brand, so whenever you have questions about your Nissan, you can turn to us. This is an exciting year for us, as the new models will be rolling out all year long. Our customers depend on us, and we depend on them. We're all a team here. If you need any type of service involving the Nissan brand, please give us a call today. Whether it's questions about a new model you're interested in purchasing or a request for a tire rotation, the right department will assist you and make you feel like the most valued customer on our. Elite customer service, old-fashioned courtesy, and impressive knowledge of the Nissan brand are all hallmarks of the kind of Nissan service we offer. Give us a try today!

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