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The Automotive Braking System

Every Nissan car, truck, crossover, and SUV was engineered with a braking system responsible for generating the stopping power to slow down your vehicle. From slowing down entering a school zone to locking up the brakes to prevent hitting your neighbor’s loose lapdog, your braking system’s performance is always on the job when you need it most. One of the easiest ways to protect the performance of your Nissan braking system is making sure to replace the rear brake pads when they start wearing out or at the recommended replacement service interval.

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Rear Brake Pads

Most of the time when you schedule a brake pad service, it will feature the front brake pads because they tend to wear out faster than in the rear. Rear Brake Pads generally wear out slower because they face less pressure, friction, and heat compared to the front. However, there are factors that will cause Rear Brake Pads to wear out faster, such as trucks engaged in heavy hauling in stop-and-go traffic. A faulty proportioning valve can cause Rear Brake Pads to wear out faster than normal. Regardless of your vehicle and its braking factors, eventually your Rear Brake Pads will wear down and need replacement service to restore your stopping power to peak performance.

Nissan Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service | Tustin,CA

Signs of a Rear Brake Pad Problem

Since braking is so important for your vehicle and passenger safety, we always recommend fixing brake problems quickly before your stopping power is compromised. If you are experiencing any of the following signs of a Rear Brake Pad problem, schedule a Nissan Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service at Nissan of Tustin:

  • Sounds: Screeching, rubbing, grinding, or squealing noise from the brakes
  • Smell: Pungent, burning smell
  • Sensations: Pulsation, vibration, or shimmying when pressing the brake pedal

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Genuine Service, Genuine Replacement Brake Pads & Convenient Location

Nissan of Tustin only offers Genuine Nissan Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service completed by a factory-trained technician, a proven certified service protocol, and genuine Nissan approved Replacement Rear Brake Pads. Nissan of Tustin is conveniently located near Irvine and Santa Ana, California.

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