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What is a Rear Differential?

When an automobile travels around a corner, the outer wheels must travel a greater distance compared to the inner wheels. This also means that the greater distance is traveled at a slightly greater speed. To offset this physical reality and give you a smooth driving experience, vehicles have a differential to adjust the torque to each drive wheel proportionately. A Rear Differential is what allows the rear drive wheels to spin at different rates while getting equal torque. The Rear Differential achieves this magic with a set of gears and three shafts. With these components, the speed of the first shaft’s rotation is equal to the speed of the drive shaft. Any speed increase with an outer wheel is therefore balanced with the decrease of the inner wheel. The Rear Differential’s vital parts can start to show signs of wear and tear and will eventually wear out entirely if any problem is not fixed.

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Does my Nissan model have a Rear Differential?

Nissan vehicles with a rear differential are the all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive models including the Infiniti, NV Cargo, Armada, Titan, 370Z, and NV Passenger. If you drive one of these premier vehicles, then you’ll want to monitor the Rear Differential to ensure it is at peak performance giving you the smoothest driving experience possible.

Nissan Rear Differential Service Service | Tustin,CA

NOISE: The Giveaway Symptom of a Faulty Rear Differential

If you have a faulty Rear Differential, noise is a giveaway sign. The noise can range from howling of worn down gears, grinding indicative of lubrication issues or gears out of alignment, whizzing or rumbling due to worn out bearings, clunking from a broken pinion gear or ring, or clicking from a chipped gear tooth. Regardless of the level of damage, a faulty rear differential will almost always make some sort of noise signaling a need for a Nissan Rear Differential Service.

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Never Ignore Rear Differential Noise: Schedule Service with a Factory-Trained Technician

Ignoring Rear Differential noise can lead to permanent damage to the ring and pinion. Rear Differential Service should be left to factory-trained experts because of the complexity and importance of the service. Schedule a Nissan Rear Differential Service today at Nissan of Tustin and we’ll have one of our factory-trained technicians restore your vehicle to factory specifications.

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