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Safety & Emission Testing Service Nissan of Tustin

The government regulates the car safety and emissions inspections to ensure all vehicles are safe to drive on the highways of their prospective states. Normally there are two parts to an emissions' inspection. The first part of the test is a safety check. This type of inspection confirms that the car is functioning properly. If problems exist, they will show up in the first part of the testing. However, the second part of the test is the emissions test. This test will determine whether a car is releasing pollution in the environment. Nevertheless, the government does allow for a small amount of pollution.


Know your Nissan Safety & Emission Testing

While some states no longer require vehicles to submit to emissions control laws, states like California do. For instance, if you live in Tustin, CA, Irvine, CA & Santa Ana, CA you are required by law to have your emission system inspected.

A car safety inspection begins with us checking the most vital elements of your vehicle which include the:

  • Horn
  • Tires
  • Braking system
  • Head, brakes, rear lights
  • Engine, VIN
  • Seat belts
  • Gas cap sealant
  • Power steering system
  • Window wipers for the front and rear windows
  • Rack and pinion
  • Window tinting

The second part of the test involves testing the mission system to ensure your vehicle is not releasing too much pollution. If it is determined your car is creating a health concern, you will be fined, and your vehicle will need to be repaired. The test can begin at any of the emissions points and continue until all the viable points on the vehicle are checked. Since gas fumes or vapors can escape from the gas cap, it is imperative to have the right fitting cap for your vehicle.

Can the age of my Car have an effect on the Safety & Emission Test?

The next test we perform is on your second-generation on-board diagnostics Computer System. This test makes sure that any vehicle older than 1966 is safe to drive on the highway. The next step is to check the tailpipe emissions and the emission control system. For cars manufactured between 1976 through 1980, tests are performed somewhat differently. The type of testing performed is called the single idle speed test.

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Genuine Safety & Emission Testing in Tustin, CA

The only way to avoid failing a car safety and emissions test is to bring your vehicle to qualified car safety and emissions service center. We know what it takes for you to pass an emissions test. Our technicians are certified, trained and experienced in replacing and repairing emissions. We have express services available if you cannot wait around, and most importantly, we use genuine Nissan parts. If your car is due for an inspection and you want to pass your test the first time around, bring your vehicle to Nissan of Tustin, CA.

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