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What is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

Tires are engineered with a recommended pressure range for optimum performance. Monitoring tire pressure was once a cumbersome task that involved regular tire pressure checks with a tire pressure gauge. Modern automotive innovation has progressed to the point that your tire pressure is monitored by a computerized system that tells you in real time the precise pressure of every tire as you drive. If the tire pressure changes for any reason, the monitoring system changes with the pressure. Most importantly, if tire pressure is outside factory specifications, an alert is sent to the dashboard to tell the driver that an adjustment is necessary. Because tires tend to lose pressure over time, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System will usually signal a need to add more air to one or more of your tires. The benefits offered by a tire pressure monitoring system include extended tire life, even tire tread wear, reduced tire replacement costs, and maximum safety.

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Tire Pressure Sensor

The tire pressure monitoring system on your Nissan car, truck, crossover, or SUV relies on a Tire Pressure Sensor that is fitted on every wheel-tire. The Tire Pressure Sensor continuously monitors each tire’s pressure and sends the resulting data to the control unit where it is then displayed on the dashboard. If a Tire Pressure Sensor is faulty or damaged, it will need to be replaced if you want accurate tire pressure data.

Nissan Tire Pressure Sensor Replacement Service | Tustin,CA

How to know if I have a Faulty Tire Pressure Sensor?

  • Warning Light - faulty sensors will usually trigger a warning light if something is wrong.
  • Wrong warnings - faulty sensors can send wrongful data and give you inaccurate pressures. The sensor might indicate that you have a flat tire but you see that the tire is not flat. It might also signal low tire pressure but you just set the proper inflation. Wrong warning data signals a need for a new Tire Pressure Sensor.

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If you have a faulty Tire Pressure Sensor, you’ll need to schedule a Nissan Tire Pressure Sensor Replacement Service to restore the accuracy of your Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Nissan of Tustin staffs a team of factory-trained technicians with a proven service protocol to restore your Tire Pressure Monitoring System to factory specifications with a genuine Nissan Tire Pressure Sensor Replacement Service.

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