Oil Changes Near Santa Ana, CA

Oil Change Service Near Santa Ana, CA

Southern California has great weather and great roads to travel. All that great weather and travel makes it easy to overlook simple maintenance, like an oil change near Santa Ana. An oil change is affordable and fast to do at Nissan of Tustin. Our ASE-certified technicians can do a standard or diesel vehicle oil change to protect your engine. We have a first-rate service facility, top-brand oils, and oil filters, and get cars in and out very quickly. That makes it very convenient and affordable to get oil change service done today to keep your car running its best and lasting as long as possible.

What's Included in This Service?

Our factory-trained technicians at Nissan of Tustin will remove your old engine oil and oil filter. We clean and check the drain plug and washer to make sure they hold oil in and keep contaminants out. We send off the old scavenged oil for recycling and replace it with fresh oil of your choosing. We make sure the oil is the correct type for your car’s factory recommendations and help you choose the best brand. We have many types of oil and oil filters to give your engine the best protection against friction and overheating with an oil change near Santa Ana, CA.

The Importance of Oil Changes

An oil change is a basic type of preventive maintenance that you must do about every 3,500 miles. Conventional oil is the choice most car owners make. So long as you use conventional oil that falls within the car maker’s recommended viscosity guidelines, your engine enjoys plenty of protection. Many car owners prefer the added protection they get from synthetic oil and semi-synthetic oils. Synthetic oil is not drilled and refined, like conventional oil. Instead, it is purely created by scientists who mix in added ingredients for additional protection. Those additives typically improve friction lubrication and are specially formulated for car engines. Semi-Synthetic oil is more like a conventional oil with synthetic additives for additional engine protection.

Schedule Service at Nissan of Tustin

If your car is due for an oil change, get it done today. You can stop by the service center at Nissan of Tustin for a fast and affordable oil change service. The service takes about 15 minutes and will improve your car’s protection against engine failure. You can relax in our lounge while we change your oil. The lounge has free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, snacks, and drinks. We will change your oil and filter and make your car ready for more travels in the Irvine and Santa Ana area.

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