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Nissan Two-Wheel Alignment Service in Tustin, CA

There are two types of wheel alignment when it comes to your vehicle. If your car has front-wheel drive, you only need to align the front two wheels. It is, however, beneficial to still align the back wheels for maximum performance on the road. Wheel alignments are recommended every two to three years, depending on how you drive your car. It will also depend on the types of roads you travel on.


Aligning the Front Wheels

A two-wheel alignment consists of aligning just the two front wheels of your car. With front-wheel drive vehicles, all of the work is done by the two front wheels. This can cause them to go out of alignment and make your car pull or veer to one side or the other, especially if you have hit a lot of bumps or potholes in the road. When your tires are out of alignment, this can cause your tires to wear unnaturally causing poor gas mileage and wear and tear on your suspension.

Square up the Back Wheels

Even though you only need to align the front two wheels on a front-wheel-drive car, putting the alignment heads on the back wheels is extremely beneficial. Aligning the back tires "squares up" all four wheels so that they perform in unison. This not only helps you to maintain control of your vehicle but also offers you a much smoother ride. Having all four wheels in proper alignment improves fuel efficiency and also reduces wear on your brake pads and cylinders.

Road Conditions

Poor road conditions with potholes and uneven areas are common causes for your car having improper alignment. Even good roads can sometimes have holes or imperfections that can throw your car out of alignment if you hit them too often. Repeatedly driving on roads that are rough and damaged can eventually cause unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.

Two-Wheel Alignment Service at Nissan of Tustin

Two-wheel alignments are a necessary maintenance for front-wheel-drive vehicles, especially if you want them to function properly. It's important that you follow your manufacturers' recommended guidelines when it comes to scheduling your alignments. In most cases, you can schedule them at the same time you make an appointment with your dealership to change your oil or check your transmission. Keeping your vehicle in good working order is essential if you want it to maintain its value and offer you the best performance possible. Schedule your alignment service soon to ensure you are getting all you can from your vehicle.

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